Here is a comprehensive list of mental health resources. I have also included all my personal favorites that I find useful when it comes to minding my mental health. Be it phone numbers, books, podcasts, websites and so much more it is listed here.

I frequently add to this page, so if you have any helpful resources that you think should be listed here please contact me about adding them to the list.

Emergency Numbers

Please note: If you are in a dangerous or life-threatening situation or you are considering harming yourself or committing suicide you should immediately call 911 (see below for emergency numbers outside of Canada and the United States).

Mexico: 066 or 911

UK: 999 or 112

Ireland: 999 or 112

Netherlands: 112

Germany: 112

France: 112

Australia: 000 or 112

New Zealand: 111

South Africa: 112 on mobile phones

Click here for a complete list.

Suicide Prevention


  • Please call the Canada Suicide Prevention Services available 24/7 toll-free at 1-833-456-4566 (In QC: 1-866-277-3553) or text 45645 (4 pm to 12 am ET). You can also visit

United States

Kids Help Phone

Available 24 hours a day to for anyone aged 5 to 29 who needs access to professional counseling, information and care from professional counsellors.

  • 24-hour phone support: 1-800-668-6868
  • Text Support: Please text CONNECT to 686868

Crisis Centers

Here is an in-depth list of contact numbers of helplines and crisis centers available for support by phone and/or websites. Most are available 24/7.


United States

International Crisis Hotlines

Postpartum Depression

If you are having thoughts of hurting yourself or your baby, take action now: Put the baby in a safe place (a crib). Call a friend or family member to help if you need to. Call a suicide hotline (they are free and staffed all day every day).

  • National Hopeline Network 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)
  • The Canada Suicide Prevention Service 1-833-456-4566 or text 45645
  • PPDMoms 1-800-994-4773

Call your psychologist’s or other licensed mental health provider’s emergency number. Call your doctor’s or other primary health care provider’s emergency number. Go to your local hospital emergency room. Tell someone you trust about what you are feeling and ask them for their help in taking these steps.

Addictions Support

Alcoholics Anonymous – The go-to website for finding an AA group near you. Also provides more information and help when it comes to addiction.

In the Rooms – Free online addiction recovery tool that offers over 130 weekly online meetings and provides helpful information.

Narcotics Anonymous World Services – Helpful in locating a meeting near you.

Sex Addicts Anonymous – Online resource for sex addicts. Access to tons of information, resources, and the ability to find a meeting. They also provide a self-assessment tool to determine if you suffer from sex addiction.

Eating Disorders

NEDA Helpline available Mon. – Thurs., 9am- 9pm ET & Fri., 9am- 5pm ET. 1-800-931-2237 or visit their website

Additional Websites

Anxiety Canada – Provides access to tools and resources to help Canadians manage their anxiety.

Canadian Mental Health Association – Provides a wide range of resources for mental health supports.

Wellness Together Canada – Mental health and substance use support for Canadians through providing access resources such as online courses, peer support groups, informational articles, and more.

My Personal Go-To’s


Headspace – meditation app

MindShift– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app to deal with anxiety and stress

Libby – Your guide to reading happiness! This app is by far one of my favorites. It brings my local library right to my finger tips. I’m tell you that saving myself a trip to the library or saving myself some money and not having to buy a new book is pretty fantastic. This app has it all. Audio books, books you can read, magazines all of it. Anything from fiction literature to self-help books and so much more. You should check it out. You’ll be thankful you did.


The Papaya Podcast– Sarah is amazing and her podcast fall’s nothing short of that! It covers anything and everything. Dealing you the perfect amount of realness, honesty and love. This podcast is the only way to start any Monday! Available anywhere you listen to podcasts.


This is Your Brain on Anxiety; What Happens and What Helps. By Faith G. Harper. – This book is the real deal when it comes to learning about your anxiety. It is a raw and unapologetic account of the things anxiety makes us feel. If you don’t like profanity though, this book might not be for you. But if you don’t mind it, you’ll find this book hard to forget. You might even find yourself having a little laugh as anxiety is explained to you because of just how relatable it is. The best part? It’s short and sweet. The audio version only took me an hour to listen to. And let’s be honest if you have time to binge-watch the latest show on Netflix you probably have time to listen to this book.