Is resin safe to use?

  • When resin is completely cured it is safe to use. At this point it is only dangerous if it is left sitting in water, exposed to extreme heat or ground up into small particles that are able to be inhaled. For this reason it is important that you take caution when buying items like shot glasses or grinders. They can be extremely harmful and for that reason most resin artists will advise you against them. Resin is not meant to be used in areas like the bath or shower where it can be exposed to water for a long period of time and will begin to leech its toxic chemicals into the water. 
  • The resin I use is FDA approved. However, I still do not recommend eating directly off it with a fork or knife. That said, it is safe to use as a food serving tray. I also highly recommend you not drink from resin cups, bowls or use resin utensils. These items have a risk of being potentially harmful. Let’s keep ourselves safe.

Is resin safe to work with?

  • When it comes to working with resin this is a completely different matter. Resin is extremely dangerous to work with. No matter what a resin might say about not being toxic this isn’t the case when the chemicals are mixed together. For most of my items I use a 1:1 ratio resin and when they are mixed a chemical reaction is formed. This is without a question a dangerous process. As such please do your research before you start working with resin. Also be sure to use the proper PPE when working with resin. You should always be wearing a respirator and goggles, using nitrile gloves and be working in a well ventilated area away from all pets and other people. If you have any questions please reach out and contact me. I would love to be able to help in any way that I can. 

What can be done with resin?

  • Resin is a perfect medium for making almost anything. It is perfect for encapsulating special memories and saving special items. You can make anything from memorial pieces to displays encapsulating your wedding bouquet. You can make beautiful statement jewelry, makeup trays and organizers, even stunning wall art. Truly the possibilities are  endless and would love to help make your visions come to life!

How did you get started?

  • Please see the about section of my website.

Where do you get your supplies from?

  • I always try to stay local first, however, this isnt always possible. So a large portion of my molds, glitters and inserts are bought from other small businesses. There are so many amazing creators and makers in the world of resin and as such I try and support as many as I can. I try and support little business as much as possible. I love knowing that by you supporting me, I can support others like me! That said I am always on the hunt for funky fun pieces so if you are a mold maker or create glitter or inserts I would love to hear from you!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

  • My inspiration comes from everyday life. Be it songs, stories, something I read or something that someone said. I’m inspired by the real parts of life, the good days the bad days and all the days in-between. This is probably why I can’t turn my brain off at night. I’m constantly thinking of new designs, sayings and colors to bring to life.

Do you offer customs?

  • Yes! I would love to bring your ideas to life. Please contact me with any custom inquiries. 

When are your shop updates?

  • I post the dates/ times of my upcoming shop updates on my social medias as well as my website at least one week before it goes live. I highly suggest you follow me on social media to keep up to date with the latest shop announcements. 

What if I receive my order and it is not what I expected?

  • Let me know right away! It is my goal to bring you pieces you are completely 100% happy with. But please note that I personally handmake everything on my site. I strive for perfection but imperfection does occasionally happen. Please know this when buying handmade anything.