This world often tells us that smaller is better. That the ultimate goal in life is to live in a body that is perfect and ideal. One that is without flaws, rolls, stretch marks, dimples and any perceived imperfections. This sadly leads a lot of us down a path of self-destruction, self-hate and leaves us unable to see beauty in our perfectly imperfect bodies. This pursuit of a small body led me to an eating disorder with which I have had to fight so hard over many years. This is what my battle with disordered eating has taught me about self-care. It seemed so simple in the beginning. For the longest time, I assumed my weight and my worth went hand in hand. I truly believed that in some way the number on the scale determined the type of person I was. The smaller the body the more worthy I…

The year 2020 was a lot to handle and social distancing sure did make it harder. We experienced things we never would have thought possible. The whole world shut down and we were told we needed to stay home and that it wasn’t safe to leave. This had a huge impact on many areas of our life. The reason being? Our brains are wired for connection.