Hi Friends!

Thanks for stopping by! I take it that if you’re here that means you’re curious and want to know my story? – And here it is.


I have a passion for all things self-love, personal development and mental health. I am passionate about  sharing my lived experiences with anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, and so much more. These difficult experiences have led me to many dark places but also taught me many valuable lessons. Lessons that have helped me go from wanting to numb out and escape to finally being able to take responsibility for my life. After years of struggling with some pretty serious mental health issues I have finally come to a place where I am able to start learning to love myself  (flaws and all).

In a world that is so disconnected it is hard to escape feeling’s of being so alone. When I first started working on my mental health and getting my mental illness under control the feeling of loneliness made things so much harder. I often felt unseen and unheard.

Maybe you can relate?

That is why I am here. It is why I show up in this space. So that others don’t have to feel as alone as I did. My hope is that through sharing my story you are able to find someone you can relate to and connect with.


Outside of being the creator behind The Misbehaving Mind I am a front-line support worker, mom of two, wife, self-love seeker, life-long learner, mentor, mental health advocate and occasional art maker.

With a degree in Criminal Justice and a passion for working front line, I have spent over a decade as a support worker. Providing services to adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges and illnesses. My main role is to help individuals manage their daily lives. While at the same time, helping them to navigate the mental health system and teaching self-advocacy. Through providing support to a variety of individuals I have come to realize how unique everyone’s experience with mental health and illness is. 

It would be an understatement to say that my life up till this point has led me to have a passion to help others through their struggles. 

When things get hard for me personally and I start feeling overwhelmed, I head to my special little room in my basement where I can escape for a little bit. That’s where the magic happens. In my studio I am able to forget about the outside world and take some space for myself. Working with resin started off as a form of therapy and a creative outlet. It wasn’t long until I wanted to share my creations with the world while spreading a message of hope, perseverance and the strength that exists within us all. 

My creations have become a way of making fun functional art that inspires greater mental-health awareness and advocacy within our community.

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